Dairy Products

Dairy powders are fantastic ingredients, used to provide creaminess, tartness, nutrition, fat content, warming mouthfeel and many other benefits to your finished products.

Use powders instead of fresh dairy products due to their ease of use and shelf life at ambient temperature.

Kanegrade is a key supplier of speciality dairy powders with varieties such as:

Yoghurt Powder (Mild, Extra Sour, Skyr, Natural, Organic) Quark Powder (35% Fat, 50% Fat) Cheese Powder (All Types, European, Vegetarian)
Cream Powder (42%, 55%, 60% Fat) Butter Powder (Various fat levels) Sour Cream Powders (Mild, Extra Sour)


  • Powders
    • Paper / poly sacks: 25Kg
  • Liquid Extracts
    • Plastic Pail: 20-25kg

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