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Kanegrade is a major supplier of flavours to food and beverage manufacturers, and our clients include bakery, confectionery, dairy goods & ice cream, soft & alcoholic drinks, savoury products and many other industry sectors.

We have an extensive range of natural (FTNF, WONF, esters) and nature identical flavours, and our qualified flavorists are continuously developing exciting new flavours.

They are available in liquid (L), spray dried encapsulated powder (P) and emulsion (E) forms, following is a guide to the form that is suitable for certain applications:

Application Area:Notes:Form Suitable:
Bakeryheat & bake stable (eg: fruit, honey)LP
Sugarconfectionery heat stable (eg: fruit)LP
Chocolateheat stable (eg: fruit, mint)LP
Ice Cream & Dairy(eg: chocolate, fruit)LP
Beverages(eg: herb, fruit)ELP
Liquors(eg: fruit, spirits)L
Frozen desserts(eg: fruit, coffee)LP
Animal feeds(eg: herbal, fish, fruit)LP
Pharmaceutical(eg: fruit, honey)LP
Cereals(eg: fruit, honey)L
Meat & poultry(eg: chicken, pork, lamb, beef)LP
Pet Food(e.g: liver, chicken)LP
Tobaccohand rolled, shisha, cigarettes, all types (all major brands)L

Please enquire if you are looking for something which is not listed. Extensive stocks of flavours are held in the UK which allow Kanegrade to provide you with a quick and efficient service.

Alcoholic Beverage Flavours

Our range of flavours for the wine and liquor industries covers the main categories of distilled liquors, sweetened liquors, wines and alcopops as well as new alcohol market segments.

Please enquire if the flavour you require is not listed.

Aniseed, Beer, Bonifactor, Bourbon, Brandy (French and Mature), Champagne, Chocolate (Dark, Milk, White), Cider, Coconut Rum, Coffee Rum, Creme de Menthe, Gin (Dutch, English, Mature), Hazelnut Liquer, Irish Cream Liqueur, Kirsch, Lemon, Malt, Marsala, Mead, Muscat, Oak, Orange Liqueur, Port Wine, Red Wine, Riesling Wine, Rose Wine, Rum (Dark, Light, White), Sambucca, Schnapps, Sherry, Tequila, Vodka, Whisky (Blended, Malt), Whisky Liqueur, White Wine.

Bakery Flavours

The baking industry includes a wide range of application areas such as biscuits, bread, cakes, cookies, speciality breads, crackers and pastries and accordingly Kanegrade has a wide range of bakery flavours to suit.

These flavours have been fully tested to remain stable in the very high temperatures and stresses of manufacture required in the bakery industry.

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Dairy and Ice Cream Flavours

The Dairy and Ice Cream industry by tradition use the best ingredients available, and it is therefore of considerable importance to use the the best quality flavours.

Below is a selection of flavours that complement Dairy and Ice Cream applications, however if you have a requirement that is not listed, please contact us with your enquiry.

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Savouries, Veg, Meat and Fish Flavours

There is a wide range of flavours used in the manufacture of savoury food products. Our range has been specially developed and all flavours are suitable for finished products such as ready meals, pies, soups and snacks.

If you require a flavour which is not listed, please enquire.

Fish FlavoursAnchovy, Cajun, Crawfish, Crab (Fresh, Tinned), Fish, Fish Sauce, How, Lobster (Cooked, Fresh), Mackerel, Prawn (Fresh, Grilled), Salmon (Baked, Fresh, Smoked), Sardine (Fresh, Grilled), Scampi (Fresh, Grilled)
Meat FlavoursBacon (Boiled, Smokey), Beef (Canned, Cooked, Roast), Chicken (Boiled, Fried, Roast), Ham (Boailed, Roast, Smoked), Pork (Boiled, Roast, Smoked)
Powder FlavoursBeef (Canned, Cooked, Roast), Butter, Cheese, Chicken, Chilli, Cream, Cream Panna, Ketchup (Spicy), Onion, Pizza Seasoning, Yoghurt
Vegetable FlavoursAsparagus, Carrot (Cooked, Fresh, Tinned), Celery (Cooked, Fresh, Green, Seed), Cucumber, Garlic, Mushroom (Cooked, Fresh, Fried), Onion (Fresh, Fried, Toasted), Potato, Runner Bean, Sweetcorn, Sweet Pepper, Tomato (Fresh, Puree, Ripe, Sun-Dried), Tomato Ketchup (Liquid Flavour)
Misc FlavoursBread (Fresh Baked, Yeasty), Butter (Cooked, Creamy, Fresh, Melted), Cereal, Cheese (Blue, Cheddar, Creamy), Chilli, Clove (Bud, Stem), Coriander, Cracker Flavours, Fat (Beef Fat, Lard), Ghee (Buttery, Traditional), Oat (Natural, Toasted), Olive Oil (Fresh, Green, Natural), Paprika (Traditional), Pizza, Potato (Cream, Fried, Roast), Rice (Baked, Fragrance), Saffron, Sesame (Natural, Toasted), Smoke (Hickory, Traditional)

Soft Drink Flavours

Kanegrade supplies every conceivable soft drink and flavoured water flavour.

*With particular regard to cola, soft drink manufacturers are constantly looking for cola flavours which compare favourably with International products and we have carefully developed just such products, as well as variations which have a different top note, or something that is slightly more citrus, spicy or creamy.

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Sugar and Confectionery Flavours

There is a huge range of flavours available from Kanegrade for use in the confectionery industry. Not just traditional fruit and mint flavours, there are many specialist flavours which are perfectly suited for the manufacture of sweets.

If you require a flavour which is not listed, please enquire.
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