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Kanegrade’s Flavour Trends for H2 2024

By March 8, 2024March 15th, 2024No Comments

Whether you’re a food lover, an industry professional, or a curious consumer, our trends give insight into the flavours that will soon be found on menus and supermarket shelves in the second half of 2024. Our trends are based on analysis of industry data, consumer sentiment, social media, recent product launches, oh and just what we’d really love to eat this year.

If you’re a product developer (hello) we have liquid flavours which you can use to incorporate these concepts into every one of your products. Without further ado, let’s dive in to Kanegrade’s flavour trends for H2 2024:

Floral Fantastic

The culinary world continues to experiment with botanical aromas, and floral flavours are set to go mainstream later this year. Chamomile, often associated with calming teas, is finding its way into sweet and savoury dishes, adding a lightly herbaceous and zen character to your product. Lavender, with its distinctive and familiar aroma is being used to infuse everything from cocktails to desserts, with its pleasant perfumed profile. Hibiscus brings a lesser-known tangy sweet fragrance to drinks and dishes alike. These floral ingredients enhance taste and also offer a functional health perception, which when combined with complementing fortification creates a compelling product proposition.

Nice and Spicy

Turn up the heat! Many quick service restaurants have released spicey new iterations of existing products as of late, and the key to nice and spicy flavours lies in the perfect balance of heat and taste.  Jalapeno Pepper, with its fiery yet tangy flavour, adds a pleasing top-note to many dishes which consumers love. Ginger, on the other hand, offers a warming zesty hit that enhances the overall taste profile of many dishes and products. Chilli, a universally popular spice, is renowned for its punchy heat and vibrant colour, adding depth and a spicy twist to savoury or perhaps even beverage applications. Add heat to your product in 2024!

Retro Renaissance

Flavours that evoke memories of nostalgic childhood desserts are gaining popularity too as we harp back to simpler times in 2024. Classic pairings, which take us back to Mum’s kitchen table are now being included into more adult-focussed products by creative product developers across the globe. The sweetness and texture of Banana & Biscuit is reminiscent of banoffee pie, the tangy, creamy blend of Rhubarb & Custard reminds us of classic confections, and the mega-sweet Caramels which take us back to sticky toffee pudding are all experiencing a renaissance in development. Tapping into consumers’ emotional connection to these familiar flavours is a strong trend this year.

Summer Vibes

With so much doom and gloom around the World, willing on sunny weather and ‘the festival season’ is a service to humanity in 2024! Summer fruits is a trend which will remind consumers of hazy days and good times. Elderflower offers a subtle, floral, sweet and delightful taste that adds a refreshing touch to any dish or beverage. A juicy Peach flavour encapsulates the spirit of summer with its lush, nectar-like sweetness. A refreshing Watermelon flavour, with its crisp taste and association with hydration makes an ideal flavour, synonymous with happy summers. Increase the 2024 feel-good vibes with summer fruits in your product!

Opposites Attract

GenZ consumers are jaded with the ‘same-old-thing’ and are seeking innovative pairings which confuse the senses. Curious combos such as Lemon and Passionfruit bring together the tartness of lemon with the sweet, tropical notes of passionfruit offering an unusual sensory experience. Melon and Mint is another concept which combines the impossible teeth-chattering sweetness of melon with the cooling sensation of mint. Another combo is that of Grapefruit and Clementine, which balances the sharp bitterness of grapefruit with the sweet and tangy taste of clementine, making a memorable experience even for the hardest to impress Tik-Tok addict.

We hope you enjoyed our look at flavour trends for 2024 and we’d love to see your product launches using these concepts.

To request samples of any of the above flavours, get in touch with our flavour experts at Kanegrade by emailing